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This star has its story and, moreover, it is magical: it appears when you need it. A few years ago, one day when we went to sea, one of my nieces turned a stone upside down and found it, near Cala Prona. I proposed an exchange to her: she would give me the star and I would make her some earrings with her. He handed it to me and I left it on the window ledge, along with the little Galera sea urchin. But one day Tramuntana blew and the two flew. After a good while looking around the balcony and the garden, I found the little sea urchin (a miracle, 7mm in diameter) but not the star.

After a few months (and lost hope of finding her), I went out on the balcony. Leaning on the railing, the star I needed came to my mind ... and I saw her, on the ground, right in front of me. She had probably been hidden in some corner, perhaps in the fold of a chair ... and when the wind blew again, she reappeared. Today, my niece already has the earrings I promised her. And now, you can have some too :)

This star belongs to the asterin family ( asterina gibbosa ). They do not grow too much, at most they can reach 5cm in diameter, and can be seen between 2 and 15m deep. She is also known as Captain's Star.

The pitiua asterine is about 1.6cm in diameter and 1.5mm thick.

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