In the Alt Empordà, the feminine term for something small is “petiua”. When the tone is more affectionate and flattering, who or what we talk about becomes PITIUA. 

My pieces are small and handmade with affection. I'm the youngest of five siblings, so I'll always be the petiua in my house. And I like to take care of what I do and those around me, so we could describe a piece made by me as pitiua. And this is my project: to lovingly make simple pieces, with the sensation and energy that this Mediterranean landscape gives me, this privileged environment that excites me, with the horizon presided over by Cap de Creus, bathed in salt, sun and Tramuntana.

I like to think that my jewellery travels everywhere and is meaningful to others. I want my essence to be in all the PITIUA jewellery that people bring home.

Ah! I almost forgot! I'm Sílvia. And I'm glad you're reading these lines and want to know a little more about Pitiua. Thank you for your interest. 

This project started in Mallorca where I lived for a few years, and where I started doing markets. The seahorse I make, I found it by the sea, walking along the beach in Formentera. Yes, in the Pitïusses Islands. Both for the landscape and the way of living of its inhabitants, it seems to me that the Empordà and the islands are very close, much more than its people think. Like the root of the word "Pitiua" and "Pitïussa"? It could be, I don't know. I just know that once again, without realizing it, things have a connection and a meaning, at least for me. So se non è vero, è ben trovato.

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